Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are a fantastically versatile way to carry your baby. There are countless different ways to use them, from front, back and hip carries, and from newborn to toddler.
The world of woven wraps can seem daunting at first, but once you learn the basics they are honestly very easy to use!

Woven wraps available to hire:

  • Oscha “Zhulin Dawn” 7
  • Oscha “Andaluz Thallan” 6
  • Oscha “Sonara Skye Dance” 6
  • Tula “Dancy Dolls” 6
  • Firespiral “Librarian” 6
  • Little Frog grey stripes 5
  • Ehawee “Swallows” 4
  • Oscha “Sekai Lex” 3
  • Calin Bleu gauze M 5

With woven wraps, the number relates to the size of the material. Wraps are measured in meters, though the size is not the length in meters! The approximate sizes are as follows:

  • Size 2 – 2.7m
  • Size 3 – 3.2m
  • Size 4 – 3.7m
  • Size 5 – 4.2m
  • Size 6 – 4.7m
  • Size 7 – 5.2m
  • Size 8 – 5.7m
  • Size Wrap Blanket – 2.2m
  • Ring Sling – one size fits all

The length you choose depends on your body size and height, and the type of carry you want to do. We can advise you on the size you need.

Image via oschaslings.com

The material used in the wrap can vary greatly, and can be chosen depending on your needs, from cool easy care cotton to wools, silks and other blends.

There are some fantastic resources for learning carries on the web. Here are some of our favourites:

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